Welcome to The Griffin Takeaway


About Us

The Griffin Takeaway is a locally owned bakery and lunch takeout shop that specializes in meeting your dietary needs, whatever they may be.  Our entire menu is gluten-free, and with the exception of a single item, it's all vegetarian as well.  We also have an excellent selection of vegan choices, and with a little notice we can take care of just about any other allergy or concern. 

The owners, Nicole and Derek Barr have been in the food service industry for quite some time, Nicole having 18 years of professional baking and pastry experience, and Derek having 14 years of professional cooking experience.

We are available for catering and delivery of baked goods, lunches, desserts, and can offer a number of items not normally on our menu.  Just give us a call at 306-933-3385 and we can sort something out.